professional stocktaker, lock stock and barrel.
V.G. Lightfoot - Owner of Lock Stock and Barrel

About Us

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Victor G. Lightfoot.
I have been a Professional
Stocktaker for over 40 years.
I founded Lock Stock & Barrel

some 27 years ago and built it up to be the major force it is in the Stocktaking World today.
STOCKTAKING, as you will appreciate, is regarded as a necessary evil, and whilst we can understand this attitude, the quality of the Service that you receive should dissipate this considerably.

Our figures will be accepted by Accountants, Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise and Insurance Companies.

BUT - How do you decide which Company to use?

Correct - There are many Companies to choose from and there is no guarantee of Quality of Service. Our major Client was, the company formerly known as Safeway plc. for whom we supplied an ever increasing number of Stocktakers for 14 years.

Safeway had tried (and failed) with most of the other Companies in the Trade and we finished in the position of supplying between 15 and 20 Stocktakers per day. Safeway set an extremely high standard and we were the only ones to meet it at this level. We have also worked for many of the leading figures within the National Federation of Newsagents.

Our integrity is of paramount importance and if we feel it is being compromised, we will cease working for that Client. To be quite honest, we believe that recommendation is the ONLY way to be sure that the Company you are about to employ is both Professional and capable. We gain over 90% of all new business in this way.

LOCK STOCK AND BARREL covers the whole spectrum of trades. Supermarket chains to small grocers, CTN’s, Sports, Clothing, Convenience Stores, Off Licences, Pubs, Clubs and Associations.