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Stocktaker Services

The importance of Stocktaking for Annual Audit has diminished over the last few years

but with the emergance of Self-Assesment, accurate Stock Figures are, once again, vital. We supply a more detailed Stock Summary than other Companies to facilitate a better use of Trade Margins to achieve the most realistic Stock Value.

We cannot stress highly enough the value of the Professional Stocktaker and Valuer when your Business changes hands. To ensure that a Vendor gains full value for the Stock in Hand or that a Purchaser does not take on Stock of dubious quality,

requires all the expertise that has been gained in the last 45 years.

Retail Stocktaking for Management Control on a Monthly, Quarterly or Periodic basis is the area that requires 100% accuracy. Monitoring Profitability, controlling pilferage and maintaining the optimum Stock Levels and Stock Mix can be easily achieved from the information that we supply.

The Licenced Trade is notorious for dishonesty and our Monthly Stocktaking package is ideal for the Control of your Establishment. All figures are computed ‘on-site’ to allow a full investigation of any discrepancies and ensure that all parties accept the Result (Good or Bad) prior to our departing the premises. Our Reports are supplied in an ‘easy to read’ format whilst containing all the information required.

Much of our work, especially in the Licenced field, has the emphasis on Security. We will conduct a thorough investigation into the preparation of Stock Results supplied by other Companies to establish whether any problems are occurring there, or internally.